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Grand Opening in Historic Downtown Birmingham

Florentine’s Freshman Year

REV is proud to collaborate with Birmingham City Officials and property owners to commemorate the historic renovation and grand opening of the Florentine Building this Friday, January 30, 2015.


Rebecca Corretti and Ken Effinger, owners and operators of Corretti Catering, have owned the building since 2008 and initiated the relocation project in 2013. “The move to Florentine presents us with an opportunity to be a part of the excitement and energy in downtown Birmingham,” said Ken Effinger. “The City Center is emerging as an entertainment district in addition to being the center of commerce. We’re happy we’ll be able to bring one of downtown’s architectural gems back into the limelight. This would not have been possible without support from many including REV and the City of Birmingham.”

Florentine’s grand opening will immediately create 45 new jobs in Birmingham’s City Center.  Congrats on this monumental achievement, and thanks to all supporters of the projectREV Birmingham

REV Birmingham (REV) revitalizes places and energizes business to create vibrancy in the City of Birmingham. REV is an economic development organization that stimulates business growth and improves quality of life in Birmingham’s City Center and its Neighborhood Commercial Centers. REV fuels commercial vitality through proactive business recruitment and retention activities, and by encouraging private and public investments that support economic growth citywide. REV’s initiatives generate positive results for partners, enhance tax revenue, generate and sustain jobs, increase tourism and positively influence perceptions about the City of Birmingham. REV is a private-public partnership that was formed in 2012 by the strategic merger of Operation New Birmingham and Main Street Birmingham.


Red Diamond serving as Presenting Sponsor of “Bonus Bucks” Program


BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (JAN 26) – The Birdies for Charity fundraising program has kicked-off for the 2015 Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek. Charities have started signing up to participate in this year’s program and donations are now being collected. The 2015 Birdies for Charity program is working to increase charity participation with a goal to raise over $350,000 to be donated to local charities.

Red Diamond is in its fourth year as the presenting supporter of the Bonus Bucks program. Their support allows for the top ten charities raising the most money to receive additional funds. New this year, SouthWest Water Company will also contribute to the bonus bucks pool. This year’s top charity (determined by which charity generates the most donations) will receive an additional $11,000, a $1,000 increase over last year’s Red Diamond Bonus Bucks.

The primary goal of participating organizations in the Birdies for Charity program is to successfully solicit and collect pledges of $.05 or more from the general public and corporate donors based on birdies made by the Champions Tour players during tournament week. Flat donations of $20 or more are also accepted by participating charities. Administrative and promotional costs for the program are paid by the Regions Tradition (excluding individual charity organization mailing/solicitation expense), and 100% of the pledges collected will go to the individual charity that solicited the Birdies for Charity pledge.

In 2014, the Birdies for Charity program raised more than $315,000 for charity, with Vestavia Hills Athletic Association winning first place in the Red Diamond Bonus Bucks contest, raising over $80,000.

The 2015 Red Diamond Bonus Bucks competition will award $40,000 to be shared in proportion to the top ten charities collecting the most money, up from $30,000 in 2014.

The first place charity will receive $11,000, second place charity will receive $8,000, third place charity will receive $6,000, fourth place charity will receive $3,000 and fifth & sixth places will receive $2,500 each. Additionally, seventh and eighth place will receive $2,000 each and ninth and tenth places will receive $1,500 in bonus bucks.

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